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Wags and Tales

Happy Customers

My husband and I have a small mix breed dog, Rocky.  We are madly in LOVE with our fur baby.  Rocky has had several tough years with arthritis and hip Issues. 6 months ago, Dr. Colleen O’Brien was highly recommended to us. Rocky has been getting acupuncture weekly now and we are beyond GRATEFUL to Dr. Colleen.  She is awesome with Rocky and he has shown much improvement.  He is standing when he eats – something he wasn’t able to do 6 months ago.  We are so BLESSED to have found Dr. Colleen. 


We are HAPPY to say Rocky just celebrated his 18th birthday and we feel his acupuncture treatments are keeping him moving.  THANK YOU  Dr. Colleen

Maryann and John Zagorski (and Rocky too).

This is Riley.

When I first saw Riley, he would scream in pain from just the tiniest movements.  After 3 acupuncture sessions (and proper medication from his regular veterinarian), he greeted me at the door by jumping on me!

Here he is getting a tune up treatment while making sure to keep an eye on the front door for intruders.

*Posted with owner's permission


Riley - Treatment.png

Dr. O'Brien is compassionate, caring and loves her work and it shows in her quality of consistent care when she enters the room. Never was I pressured into purchasing more or less of a treatment for Precious care, but with Dr. O'Brien’s recommendations we succeeded together. 


We treated Precious with a total of twelve treatments of acupuncture and laser in all.   Precious is doing wonderful; she runs and plays with her sister as though nothing happened.

Thank you so much for all your care and love.                                                                                                                  

Debbie, Mike and Precious Borgo


Dr. O'Brien has done 3 rounds of acupuncture on my 13 year old Rottweiler/Belgian Tervuren mix.  Maya was having issues with her back legs and stairs, and just walking was becoming difficult.

After the first treatment, it was very noticeable that Maya was improving somewhat in her ability to get up and down stairs. Her legs did not appear to be as stiff.

The acupuncture treatments have each been about a month apart.  Maya is able to walk around her yard and go on her walks (which she loves) without too much difficulty.

Before we tried the acupuncture, I was sure that Maya would be put down due to her inability to walk. Now that does not seem the case.  She is no longer afraid to go up and down stairs. She is most definitely a happy girl and I am a happy owner.

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