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2 secrets guaranteed to help your pet lose weight

Is your pet fat, chunky, excessively conditioned, overweight, or even "fluffy"? There's two simple and easy ways to get them to lose weight!

1. Feed less.

2. Exercise more.

That's it.

Yes, they could have a thyroid condition or some other metabolic condition that slows their metabolism down, but that is not a reason to have a fat pet. Do not make excuses for them.

Yes, you might have a family member that feeds them too much. Find a way to correct that family member, or you feed less to compensate.

Yes, you might have something that keeps you from walking long distances. Hire a pet walker or send your dog to day care. For cats, add more toys and make them chase their food.

We care about your pet and want them to live long happy lives. Healthy weight pets on average live 2 years longer than overweight pets. You are not just your pet's owner, you are their personal chef and trainer.


Feed less.

Exercise more.

Colleen O'Brien


O'Brien Vet Care

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