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Dear Santa Paws,

What Your Pet Really Wants for Christmas.

Santa Paws is coming to town and he could use a little help filling out your pet's wish list. Unfortunately, your pets hand writing isn't very good, so here's a few idea of what they might want: 

1. More walks!

Around the block to say hi to the neighbors, out on a hike to smell all new things. Walks are great!

2. Play time!

Laser toys (with a reward when they catch the red light) and tug of war toys are always popular.

3. Snuggle time!

Put a movie on and snuggle up with your pet for some quality bonding.

4. Secret Agent Skills!

Once your dog (or cat) has the basic commands down, consider enrolling them in some advance training. This can be anything from agility (its important to dodge all obstacles), to nose work (find the hidden object), to preparing for the canine good citizenship test (blend in with all your surroundings).

5. Good health!

Are you consistent with your pets medications and prevention? Try setting an alarm in your phone to remind yourself. Can't remember when the last time your pet saw the vet was? Schedule them to go see their favorite doctor for a check up.


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