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Taking a Paws to Give Thanks

My list of veterinary related things I am thankful for.

  1. My dog! My dog has been a blood donor and a mostly willing participant in training new technicians and clients how to do basic medical skills. And.... he lets me smush him as much as I want after a bad day.

  2. Staffs that work the 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 day a year ER clinics.

  3. My classmates for getting me through 4 years of vet school and for not letting me get trampled by any cows.

  4. Pet owners who warn me that their dog/cat bites BEFORE they actually try to bite me.

  5. Pet owners who get excited rather than annoyed when I tell them "I don't know, but let me do some research and I'll find you an answer."

  6. Being a general practitioner and, therefore, never getting bored (would you like a side of PLE with that ear infection and broken bone and the cushionoid DKA pancreatitis case?)

  7. Technicians and kennel techs who manage to hold 100 pound dogs still for x-rays, pull blood without spilling a drop, and know what gizmo/gadget I'm looking for before I even ask.

  8. Specialists who spent another 4 years (on top of the original 8 that I did) to go so in depth into a particular field that they can help solve the mystery cases. These are also the people who put on the continuing education lectures helping other veterinarians (including myself) maintain high standards of medicine.

  9. The gift of Acupuncture that has let me give my patients the ability to walk and live their last days with less pain.    

Wishing all my friends, colleagues and my clients a happy and healthy Thanksgiving Day.


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